Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mothers Day cards

I made three mothers day cards. Ine for my mom and two for my daughters. I did them very simple and quick. I used A Childs Year cricut cartridge on all of them. And scraps of patterned paper. I love using up some of that large pile!!

this is the one I am sending to my mom. The inside says "Daughters are little girls that grow up to be your best friend" My mom and I are very close even though we live 400 miles apart! Thank goodness for my unlimited long distance phone service! I had many years of HUGE phone bills!!
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

What I have been up to

About a year ago, I took a bunch of pictures from my mom's house. Then I scanned them and gave the originals back. I finally got them printed last week. Now I am working on lay outs for an abum about me. I am having fun and I love vintage lay outs with black and white photos but I really have a hard time making them. The colors and embellishments are hard for me to choose for some reason. But, anyway, here are 3 of the pages I have done so far.
I have about 20 million more to go, so check back later!!
Tanks for looking!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I've been busy

I started a new job last Monday. So that is messing with my crafting schedule! I am only working part time so it won't interfere TOO much!!I went back to the same restaurant I managed for 13 years. I left there in 2004 to open my own Bar/Restaurant and sadly, we closed it last year in August. In September I started working at Hobby Lobby just for the holiday season. I ♥ LOVED♥ that job. Most of the money they paid me stayed right there!!! Now I am back on my old stompin' grounds!! I didn't realize how much I missed the tips!! I went to JoAnns on Monday and bought 4 new stacks of paper! They had the Immortal Love stacks on clearance. So I bought one plus the cardstock one and A Formal Affair and Tattered Time.

Then I decided I wasn't happy with the way I stored my stamps. I had some of them in the packages and all the others unmounted and put in CD cases. 37 of them and I found it so time consuming to find the one I wanted so I put them in a binder. Well, two binders actually but I think I am going to like this much better. I better, it took me long enough!!
the ones that are not still in the packages, I stamped on a piece of white card stock and put the stamps on the sheets of plastic I have saved from my cricut carts. I had so many of those, I had stopped saving them because I wondered what I would ever do with them all. Now I can start saving them again!!

Now I need to get busy on my stamp pad holder made from foam board. I got the instructions and the foam board a long time ago but I just haven't got around to it. But that is the next project!!
Just wanted to let you all know what happened to me!! I am still here, just been distracted. I now have 53 followers thanks to Momo!! That is more than doubled since she had us post our links!! I am thinking about doing some blog candy. *(now that I am working and have some money!!)* Is there any new tool or something that you think would be a good thing to win? I cannot afford a cricut cart but give me some ideas of what to get!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Video game birthday card

My granddaughters birthday is April 18th. She will be 9. I am getting her some video games (thats what her mom told me to get!) So, I thought I would make her a card to go with it.
I used Wrap it up cricut cartridge. Not quite sure on the colors. I am not a video game person. I think she will like it. She wants a Star Wars cake. She is not a girly girl!! I am thinking of TRYING to make one but will probably end up buying one unless anyone has any good ideas for one. If you do, please share!!
Thanks for lookng at my card!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Coolest Rest stop I have ever seen!

Last May, when we went to my Mom's for her 60th birthday, we stopped at a rest stop somewhere in Missouri (I think- It has been 10 mos. I forgot the details) The wall were these murals all done in mosaic tiles. It must have taken FOREVER!! The final rersult was just BEAUTIFUL!!
If anyone happens to know where this is, please let me know. We were driving from Iowa to Kansas along I-35.
Thanks dor looking!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Monkey LO

I am still working on the baby album and I found out that the theme for the baby's room is Monkeys so I made this LO for it. I think it turned out really cute.
I'd love to hear what you think!!
Thanks for looking!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Moms 60th birthday

This is another page done with some older pictures. It May 26, 2010, my Mom's birthday. We had an outdoor party at the campgrounds and it poured!! It was fun, tho!!
I made the 60 sucks bouquet for her and I think she still has suckers left!!
If I keep going, I might have all those older pictures scrapped before Easter when some new ones will start!!
Thanks for looking!