Wednesday, June 29, 2011

4th of July wreath

I made this today. Do you ever finish a project and think Oh, I should have done this or that instead? ( kinda like I should have had a V8!) I used glitter paper for the fireworks and glitter gelpens for the stitching on the 4th of July center piece. But after I was done, I thought Duh! I should have glittered it. I could have used my xyron or I just got a versamark pen yesterday, I could have done the stitching with that and added glitter!! Oh, well, maybe next year!!
here it is laying on my table

and here it is hanging on my door. I like it but I wish I had thought to use some glitter!!
Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Soccer card for a sponsered boy

I saw this request from Terri at Two Pink Peas to send a birthday card to Salifu, her 11 years old sponsored child. I thought, why not? It will probably make him happy to receive lots of mail for his special day. Here is her post about it.  Check it out and send him a card if you feel like it. Here is my card. Pretty simple but its the thought that counts, right? I am sure it will put a smile on his face!!
I wasn't sure what to put on this inside. So I kept that simple too!

It makes me feel good to know I will help make some child happy with such a small gesture!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Still been crafting

I am ashamed to say, I have not played with any of my new carts!! But I have been doing some crafting. I made a LO of the pictures from when my husband helped me wash windows
It is funny how I didn't notice this before I saw a picture of it, but I think I need to add some water drops by the hose nozzle on the window!

My husband looked at it and said, I don't think that is very funny!! And I told him, " But, look how skinny you look from me stretching the pictures to print them at 3x3!" LOL!
Next, I made another page for my friends book. This is her grandson learning to write. I think this one turned out very cute!!

Thwn I did a page with pictures of one of my grand doggies!! He is so cute!! Again, I see things. I think I need to add some stitching to the title.

 this is my grand daughters 3rd grade spring music program at school

this one is my naughty grand son playing in the dirt!

 And finally, this is my first attempt at a tag. I love others that I see and I like this one. I am sure I will improve with time. But, I have a question, what do you do with them? Put them on gifts? Seems like alot of work for a gift tag!! Wow! Could you imagine if I did these for all my Christmas gifts? I have 6 kids, their spouses and 10 grandkids. Plus my husband, mom, brother, dad! Whew! That is alot of tags!! (maybe the tag could be their gift! LOL!!) I suppose the really elaborate ones are for special gifts. But what else are they used for? Any ideas?
                                               Well, thanks for looking!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I did WAY too much shopping last week!!

So I kinda went on a cartridge shopping spree last week. But with the sale at cricut, who could resist?
These are all the carts I got from that sale. Cindy Loo, Winter Frolic, Life is a Beach, Robotz, Mini Monsters, Designers Calendar, Elegant Cakes and Picturesque. Grand total (with shipping) $162

Then I won a $25 gift ceretificate from Peachy Keen Stamps and I got some face stamps, a punch, an ink pad and 2 sheets of pearl scroll like things! I did have to add $6 to the certificate.

Then I got the Pink By Design Just 4 Men stamp set. I LOVE it!! That was about $15 with free shipping

I cashed in some of my rewards points and got ANOTHER cart. Formal Occasion. And some mats and some terifically tacky tape! $9.74 for shipping.

Then I went to WalMart. Some of the Lites were marked $29 instead of $39 so I had to get one that I have wanted for quite some time. Now, I still think even $29 for a lite cart is high but since I was on the shopping spree, what the heck!!
I also have 1 more cart coming from Ebay. Seasame Street Seasons. I won it for $21.50 with free shipping. This is the most money I have ever spent in one week for crafting stuff!! But I think I definitely got some good deals. With the wedding in 2 months, I am not going to be able to do this again for quite awhile! But, since I am so far behind on the carts, they are older by the time I get them and they are much cheaper!!! I really want Elegant Edges but I can wait until it comes down in price. With PC having 3 Hello Thursdays this month, there is alot of them I will be waiting for!! I just wanted to share my fun shopping haul. Thanks for looking!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

HUGE giveaway!!

Not here!! Over at Two Pink Peas! Look at this great candy!  
Go leave a comment!!
I would wish you good luck but I want to win this one!!!

Homemade Glue

Hmmm, this sounds interesting. Would be good for the kids who really glob it on. I saw this on Facebook.

Homemade Glue

June 22, 2011 by fdcsjess
Filed under General Crafts
Homemade Glue Homemade Glue
One of the worst feelings in the world is to have everything set up for a craft only to find that you are missing one essential ingredient. It’s usually something simple, like glue. Or perhaps you have some youngsters who love to stick things down but whom you’d rather not share your good craft glue with, either way, this simple recipe is for you. A homemade glue that is easy to make, easy to use and is made from ingredients you are sure to have in your kitchen right now.
Things you’ll need:
1 cup of flour
1/3 cup of white sugar
ice water
¼ tsp white vinegar
Airtight container
Things to do:
1. Sift flour and sugar together into the saucepan and then add enough water to form a thin paste, making sure that no lumps remain.
Homemade Glue2 Homemade Glue
2. Heat gently over medium low heat, stirring constantly until the mixture thickens.
Homemade Glue3 Homemade Glue
3. Stir in the vinegar and pour into an airtight jar. Allow the glue to cool before using.
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How I spent my day!

For weeks, I have been telling my husband, "we" need to clean windows- inside and out. We both had the day off today and it was not super hot so I started upstairs. I have the kind that tilt in for cleaning upstairs. Then when I moved downstairs, I told him, I am going to need the ladder. So I can reach the tops of the windows. He says, "Why don't we use that long brush and the hose?" So I said, "That is a good idea! Why don't WE get off the couch and do that?" And guess what? It worked! And I have proof!!
The hose wouldn't reach all the way around so he still had to get out the ladder to do the kitchen windows!! But, he got off pretty easy! I took all the blinds outside and scraubbed them with that brush and sprayed them off with the hose while he sat at the picnic table drinking a beer!! Then, I washed all the curtains and hung them up while he went to bed!!! (OK- in his defense, he did cook supper! But guess who did the dishes?)
I feel so much better now that that is done!! But I didn't get any time to play in my craft room! (But the windows and curtains are now clean!!!)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers day mini- the beginning

Hope everyone had a great day yesterday. We had a cook out but only 2 of the 6 kids could make it. Last night I was feeling kinda crafty and I thought of making a fathers day mini. I took quite a few pictures yesterday and lord knows I have plenty of others!! This is the beginning of the cover. I think I am going to bind the edge with some black leather. (or leather look vinyl!!)
that first D is not attached yet, so don't worry that it is crooked! I have to figure out how I am going to bind it before I attach it!!
Here is some pictures from yesterday

the chicken we grilled. (My husbands favorite) He eats so much chicken, I swear he will sprout feathes one of these days!! And the potato salad. My husband makes FABULOUS potato salad. It was kinda funny that he had to do most of the cooking on fathers day but oh well!
This is my husband and our son in law. We always tease my husband about him having a man crush on Corey. I got the Pink by Design Just 4 men stamps the other day and the stamp that says Its a bro mance cracked me up and reminded me of them!! I will definitely be using it on this page!
These are the only 2 daughters who could make it yesterday.
Anf these are the only two grandkids that came. It was hot and they had fun squirting everyone with the spray bottle! But I only have one and there was 2 of them! You can imagine the fighting that took place! Looks like grandma has to go to Dollar Tree and pick up some more!! All in all, it was a good day!!
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wedding favors and puppies!!

Monday my soon to be daughter in law, my daughter and 2 of my granddaughters and  I got together to make the wedding favors. 50 of each. Bride and Groom boxes. They turned out really cute!! And came together surprisingly quickly with all of us working on them.
The bride to be and my daughter
                                                       my granddaughter
Kathy and I
              the finished masterpeices!! we still have 21 more grooms to make!
When we fished all the brides, Talitha had to run home to check on her dog who she thought was going to have puppies that day. Sure enough!! 4 girls and 2 boy papillon puppies!! I haven't seen them in person yet but they look so cute and tiny!!! I am kind of afraid to go see them. I have a feeling I am going to want one!!

 I wonder if these puppies make me a great grandma? Yikes! That is a scary thought!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2 pages for a friend

I am making a scrapbook for my friend who lives far away from her kids and grandkids. I have collected lots of pictures off their facebook pages and it will be a surprise for her. She doesn't know about my blog and I am not going to tell her until after I send the book! Here are a couple pages I made last night of her darling grandsons!
I love the first one. It is pretty simple but the picture is cute enough by itself.
This cowboy one turned out cute. I had fun with the Old West cricut cartridge. I have had that paper FOREVER and finally found a project to use it on!!I am mainly posting these so my friends daughter can see them! More to come Michelle!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Seymore Worms- my grandsons first pet!!

This is such a cute memory. I am so glad I scrapbook so we will never forget. Brady (my DGS) went hunting for night crawlers for the first time with Grandpa. He found one to make it a pet. Well, until he broke it in half!!
this is the finished page
                           here is the journalling. My camera sucks it is blurry!
                                      and here is the worm I cut with the cricut

Brady is such a little sh**, he gives me lots of scrapbooking oportunitites! I cannot wait until he is older and is embarrassed by these pages!!
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I am back!!

Wow! It has been awhile since I have posted anything. I finally finished the new baby scrapbook I have been working on.The shower is Sunday so I had to get it done!! I am just going to post all the pictures one by one and comment at the end

Ok I changed my mind. These next ones are spots for every month until he is a year old

OOPs! Kinda went out of order there!!

A page for each holiday.
Then just some fun pages. Her theme for his room is monkeys. I love the monkey page

Then I did this page for him and his family. I included acetate circle templates for her so she can cut all the pictures out perfectly. This little boy has alot of aunts and uncles!!!
the names are stuck on with a small piece of tape so she can remove them and affix a picture. I think it turned out cute and I really hope she loves it
Now that this one is done, I can work on finishing my Disney trip book.
Thanks for looking and let me know what you think!!