Thursday, March 31, 2011

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

I made this LO of my daughter in 3rd grade and HER daughter in 3rd grade. They look so much alike. We have always thought that but when I saw these pictures it was like looking at twins.
I cut this stencil from Lyrical Letters and used ink and sponge applicator to do the letters. I thought I would be able to peel off the insides of the a,e,o and p after I applied the ink but I was WRONG!  Maybe I just used the wrong glue. I have been doing quite a few lay outs lately. From some older pictures. I did one from last May, Dec of 09 and one from 04!! I love doing the older ones. Brings back great memories!!
Thanks for looking!

Monday, March 28, 2011

**CAUTION** two year olds are brutally honest!!

I am sure you can't read the journalling. It says Brady spent the night at Nana and Papas house. At breakfast, he points and says "What's that, Nana?" Itell him "thats my boobies" And he says "Oh, No, your boobies are falling!!" It was breakfast. I was still in my jammies with no bra!! I laughed so hard that he got mad at me for laughing at him! I was at a loss for this page. I knew I HAD to do it but I have never scrapped with out a picture before. I asked for help on the cricut message board and after a few replies, this is what I came up with. Still makes me laugh whenever I think about it!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I got a blog award!!

I am excited but unsure how to do this. I got an award from Lu at Crafting with Lu.
Thanks, Lu!!
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I am still pretty new and not real sure of myself in blogger land. I hope I did this right!!

Drivers License LO

My daughter finally got her license back today after losing it for about 3 years due to unpaid fines . It was definitely a happy day for her. I took a picture of her in the drivers seat with her license but I don't have it printed yet. This is the LO I made for it.  I used Going Places for most of it but the font was Base Camp
I messed it up. I stood it up too soon to take the picture and the stickles were not dry yet. The green dripped down the page. I think I caught it in time, tho!!
Here she is with her license

Now I have a LO for a picture I don't have yet and I still have that mountain of pictures I do have!! Oh, well, tomorrow is another day!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bunny week card

This is my entry for the bunny week challenge at Cardz TV.
I colored a digi stamp with colored pencils, cut him out and popped him up on foam tape. I think he is soo cute!

Friday, March 18, 2011

More scrapbook lay outs!

So, I haven't posted for quite awhile. I have been sick all this week with a NASTY cold. Finally feeling semi normal today. But II have been doing some scrapbook pages. Slowly working my way through that stack of pictures.
This first one is my grandson driving around in his car I got him. I really wanted a brighter green for the background paper but being sick, I couldn't go buy some. Plus I am really trying to use what I have before I buy more stuff!!

This one is a picture of me and my BFF. I don't have too many pictures of us and I decided I needed a page of us in my BOM.

this one is a 2 page LO of my son, Nick and his race car in 2004. (See, I am WAY behind. But I didn't start scrapping until 2007 so that is my excuse!! LOL)

this 2 pager is of my husband and grandson playing together on the couch. I am loving the Boys will be Boys cartridge. I used it on the last 4 lay outs!!

this is my granddaughter playing with herself in the mirrored closet door. At one time or another, all of my grandkids have played with "the baby in the  mirror"!

Just more random cute pictures of Emma.
Atleast I am accomplishing something while I am sick. Getting some pages done and using up some of my MOUNTAIN of paper. Which, of course means I will HAVE to buy more!!
Thanks for looking. I love comments!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

funny card!!

I saw this card on a blog tonight and it cracked me up! Made me think of my dad right away. So, I had to make one for him.
The blog I saw it on was
Check it out~ she has some funny stuff!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I am still here!!

Well, it has been awhile since I have posted anything!! I have been working on a scrapbook for a new baby. The baby is not due until July so I have time but I also know how it can creep up on me!! I will probably finish it next week and then I will post it.
I had a comment from Enfys about my question on the football paper. She got me thinkng about cricut carts and I dug out Sports Mania and sure enough, there was exactly what I was looking for. I cut it fit to page (which was 11") and used a piece of white posterboard for the background paper. I have had this cart for quite awhile and this was the first time I used it.

I like the way it turned out. It is my daughter and her husband at a Vikings/Cowboys game in October. They are huge Cowboys fans. I think I will add a logo or two after I get make the cut. It is next on my wish list. Well, after finding a job!! LOL

I also made this new card becuse I wanted to play with Country Life and I had some of those tiny little clothes pins I wanted to use. I like it but the baby I am making the book for is a boy so I need to do another one. This one looks too girly to me
That is all I have for today. I will get back to the baby book now so I can finish it up!!