Thursday, March 24, 2011

Drivers License LO

My daughter finally got her license back today after losing it for about 3 years due to unpaid fines . It was definitely a happy day for her. I took a picture of her in the drivers seat with her license but I don't have it printed yet. This is the LO I made for it.  I used Going Places for most of it but the font was Base Camp
I messed it up. I stood it up too soon to take the picture and the stickles were not dry yet. The green dripped down the page. I think I caught it in time, tho!!
Here she is with her license

Now I have a LO for a picture I don't have yet and I still have that mountain of pictures I do have!! Oh, well, tomorrow is another day!!


  1. Woohooo I'm glad she is happy!! love your blog!!
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  3. What a great layout and I am sure you are proud as can be on that accomplishment.

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  4. What a great layout!
    Momo sent me and I am now a follower:)

  5. Don't ya just hate when stuff doesn't dry fast enough. LOL Sometimes I won't notice it until I have posted the pic on my blog. Ugh! LOL! Oh well, it's home made with love, right?! hehe

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  6. Tooo funny, I have a hard time waiting for things to dry also. I hardly ever use stickles because of it, lol

    I found you through Momo. Isn't this the sweetest thing she is doing for us!

  7. I love your layout! I am a new follower (Momo sent me!)
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