Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How I spent my day!

For weeks, I have been telling my husband, "we" need to clean windows- inside and out. We both had the day off today and it was not super hot so I started upstairs. I have the kind that tilt in for cleaning upstairs. Then when I moved downstairs, I told him, I am going to need the ladder. So I can reach the tops of the windows. He says, "Why don't we use that long brush and the hose?" So I said, "That is a good idea! Why don't WE get off the couch and do that?" And guess what? It worked! And I have proof!!
The hose wouldn't reach all the way around so he still had to get out the ladder to do the kitchen windows!! But, he got off pretty easy! I took all the blinds outside and scraubbed them with that brush and sprayed them off with the hose while he sat at the picnic table drinking a beer!! Then, I washed all the curtains and hung them up while he went to bed!!! (OK- in his defense, he did cook supper! But guess who did the dishes?)
I feel so much better now that that is done!! But I didn't get any time to play in my craft room! (But the windows and curtains are now clean!!!)


  1. I love it! I'm going to have to use this on my hubby :)

  2. The family that cleans windows together, heehee. Gotta love it. Nice and clean and sparkly now - which will allow you to look out your craft room at the sparkly view and give you more mojo! Right?