Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2 pages for a friend

I am making a scrapbook for my friend who lives far away from her kids and grandkids. I have collected lots of pictures off their facebook pages and it will be a surprise for her. She doesn't know about my blog and I am not going to tell her until after I send the book! Here are a couple pages I made last night of her darling grandsons!
I love the first one. It is pretty simple but the picture is cute enough by itself.
This cowboy one turned out cute. I had fun with the Old West cricut cartridge. I have had that paper FOREVER and finally found a project to use it on!!I am mainly posting these so my friends daughter can see them! More to come Michelle!!!


  1. Awww..that is sweet, and she is going to LOVE this gift!

  2. OMG! This site is amazing!!!!! The pictures are so great. My mom is so lucky to have a friend like you. She is going to be so happy!!!!!!!! Thank you for being such a great person.