Sunday, September 4, 2011

One Christmas present done!

My son and his wife hae Papillon dogs and they are starting to breed them. The Mommy dog, Athena had her first pups in June. She had 6. 4 girls and 2 boys. The boys died after 2 days but the girls flourished. They are so cute! They sold them all. I decided to make a mini album for them of the pupies. There will be more but I wanted to document the first batch. Sorry the pictures are terrible!  I need a new camera. It has to be the camera (can't be the photographer, right?)
Here is the front cover
This page is the Mommy, Athena and the Daddy, Icarus (Icky)

The next page is the puppies on the day they were born. June 13, 2011

The next 2 are of them nursung and sleeping. That is all they did for a long time!

Then they started to play with each other.

These are just random cute ones

Then, I got pictures of when my mom got to meet her puppy, Micah.

I hae a mirrored closet door in my living room. The puppies were looking at themselves in it. ALL of my grandkids have played with "the baby in the mirror" I guess my grandpuppies like to do it too!

We put Micah in the box we made for cards at my sons wedding. She would make such a cute present!!

And that is it! I think it turned out super cute and I am pretty sure they will like it! Now, on to the million more gifts I have to make!! Thanks for stopping by and looking at my creation.


  1. Hi Carrie!
    Super cute! What a great Christmas gift! ~ Take Care, Wendy

  2. What a sweet present to give! It's beatiful :) I mailed off your package today priorty mail so hopefully it gets to you on Friday :)

  3. thanks for visiting my blog, Carrie! :) i'm your newest follower!

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