Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wow! I cannot believe I haven't posted anything since November 7th! It has been a VERY BUSY HOLIDAY SEASON AT OUR HOUSE. aND, TO TELL THE TRUTH, i AM KINDA GLAD THEY ARE ALL OVER NOW. tHINGS CAN GET BACK TO NORMAL! Oops, didn't mean to have caps lock on and I am not rewriting this!
I hope everyones holidays were full of love and joy. Ours were great. One daughter got engaged. So another wedding will be coming up!
My oldest son got married August 27, 2011. I am getting ready to start on their wedding album. I had so much Christmas stuff going on, I didn't want to rush through it or just throw it together. This is going to be my BIG project this year and I really want it to be my best work yet!
I have a few pictures to share of some Christmas presents my husband and I made this year.
I made this santa can for my daughter. Inside was a gift card to her favorite hair salon.

I made this sign for another daughter who  has been looking for something to put on the wall in between her kids and her stepkids pictures. I thought this saying was great for that. Then they got engaged so it is even more perfect!!

My husband made this for me. I have to paint the unfinished edges still but I couldn't wait to put my machines on it.  I got the directions from a Cricut Message Board member. I think it turned out great. And it only cost $8 for the board!!

This is the only other crafty thing I got from my family. A Tiny Attacher! I mentioned it to my daughter a month or so ago and I cannot believe she remembered!!
Tomorrow I will post the gifts I made for our gift exchange at work.
Thanks for visiting me!!

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