Wednesday, September 22, 2010

what to do with all the cards

I went to see my grandma in the nursing home on Monday. She plays BINGO there. They get tickets for each bingo they get. Each ticket is worth 10 cents. They don't have very good prizes that she likes and I am sure the others feel the same way. My grandma is getting quite a colection of beanie babies she buys with her tickets. Anyway, I had a thought. How about I give them some of my cards for BINGO prizes? So, today, I am taking up some Halloween cards. Maybe next week I'll do some all occasion cards. I hope they will like them. You know how old ladies like to send cards and letters! Oh, and yesterday at work at Hobby Lobby, we were unwrapping some ornaments to put out on display and I scored these wonderful bags that they came in. Perfect size for an A2 card!!! Anyway, here is a pic of the Halloween cards. More to come next week!!!

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