Saturday, June 2, 2012

Old memorabiila score!

My boss was cleaning out the attic where I work and and we found some great old stuff! It used to be an appliance store in the late forties and fifties. There was boxes full of old cancelled checks and bills. Every month was wrapped in paper and the contents were wrapped in a rubber band that crumbled when we touched it. That paper was very brittle too.  I took a whole box of things. Here are some pictures of a few items I liked.

check out this add from the bank to order personalized checks!! 200 for $1.40!!
The old checks I found, were not personalized. They had no name on them. Very interesting!!

June 9, 1951 !!!!!
these are bank statements!!!

Check out this newspaper cigarette ad!! You definitely don't see those any more!

Post mark from mail in 1955. It was a very thick envelope and it cost 9 cents!! I have others
that are 3 cents and a 1 cent postcard!!
This is the old box I stuffed with things and brought home.

I am going to have so much fun digging through it all and checking the newspaper for goodies. You have to be so careful, though. They rip very easil!!

I thought some of this stuff would be fun th incorporate in my scrapbook pages and cards.

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