Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Exciting News!!!

I just found out that my son got engaged tonight! I am so excited!! A couple of weeks ago, he bought the ring and brought it over to talk to me about it. Then, last week, he asked for her fathers approval and tonight he asked her!!! sniff, sniff, my baby is growing up!! The part that really excites me is soon there will probably be grandkids!! I already have 6 plus 4 step grandkids but I want some (atleast one) from each one of my six kids!! Now, it is D I E T time. I can't be this fat for my sons wedding!! And of course my husband brought home brownies and pumpkin bars from the Farmers Market tonight!! Well, this is it, I am starting in the morning!! NO more chocolate. My weight today is 170 pounds. I will post my weight every Tuesday and hopefully it will be less every week!! LOL  Wish me luck!!

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