Sunday, November 14, 2010

Busy weekend!!!

Whew! I will be glad when it is Monday!! That is my day off. Sunday and Monday makes it nice cuz I have one day at home with hubby and one day to myself!!Really didn't do any crafting this weekend. Work is getting busier at Hobby Lobby and I am pretty wiped out when I get home at night. Went to Kohls Friday night to get a gift for my granddaughters 1st birthday party today. That was fun, I got to see ALL of my grandkids at one time! That only happens on Holidays and birthdays.Then I went to WalMart and ordered my new glasses. They should be here in abput 6 days. I can't wait to be able to see again!!
Here are some pictures from the birthday party. Isn't she just a sweetie?

Hopefully I will get some crafting done tomorrow so I can put up some new projects!