Saturday, December 11, 2010

TRYING to get ready for Christmas

Well, we have a blizzard here in Iowa today so it is lookin g alot like Christmas! Maybe that will help put me in the mood more!
I am trying to get all the presents made or bought and wrapped. Our family is growing so fast, it is hard to keep up! Just 13 years ago, I was a single mother of 2 boys. Now, I have a husband, 6 stepdaughters and their two spouses, 10 collective grandchiuldren PLUS my teo boys and one fiance. Wow! We need a bigger house when we all get together!! My son is getting married next August so I am hoping that Christmas 2012, I will get a new baby to spoil!
4 of the grandkids are coming over tomorrow to decorate my tree. Twin boys, almost 10, a girl 9, and another girl 7. We are going to make glitter ornaments. I have one for each member of this huge mob, including the dogs and have cut all the names in vinyl. I can't wait. I ber I am more excited than the kids!!!
Those four LOVE my craft room. Parker is wowwed by the "stacks and stacks of paper". I put together a couple of big containers of craft stuff for them for Christmas. One has paper- white, colored and construction. The other one has glue sticks, markers, scissors and a ruler. I gave them all my decorative scissors since I never use them. Oh, I also gave them some punches. I decorated the containers with vinyl cuts . They turned out pretty cute. I know they will like them :)
Tomorrow I will have pictures of the ornaments we make. And the tree they decorate.

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