Saturday, April 28, 2012

Craft room make over

I finally got my dark dreary craft room painted. Here are some before pictures
The sewing machine was not always there but the wall iy was on had some holes in it (thanks to my son, who used to live in this room) so, to repair the holes, I had to move it but you can get the idea of what a jumbled up mess it was
this is a ciew looking into that part of the room. That is the smaller part. The larger main part of the room is where my cricut and work desk are
the south wall. Holds all my paper, cricuts, cartridges and other small stuff
this is the north wall where my work desk is and my stamps.
I had to take everything out and there was crafting stuff EVERYWHERE in my house! Even the bathroom!
A ton of work but so worth it! These are the colors I chose. My husband and my son think they are ugly but every FEMALE I have shown it to likes it!

Tomorrow I will show you the painted room.  Thanks for visiting today!


  1. Hi, I'm PinkE! I saw your post for your craft room makeover and I'm excited for you! Those are 2 of my favorite colors!! Have fun and I'll be back to see the outcome!!

    Creations By PinkE

  2. I LOVE it, I LOVE it! These colors are perfect for your scrapbook room and with the white, it will just pop! I am so happy for you! Great space!