Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I wasn't completely forthcoming!

OK- I have got comments saying my scrap space wasn't that bad. Well, I have to admit- that was just a tiny part of it!!! So here are some more pictures! (I am hanging my head in shame!)

Another corner where things just get shoved!

 t5his is the corner whare I keep all my scraps and empty boxes for chip board

the shelves were I stuff everything

All 6 of the drawers in this unit are filled with ribbon I have taken off the spool and wound around cardboard. One is full of scraps and any new ribbon just gets thrown on top until it is used! Ugh! What a mess this room is, I need to learn to put things back in their home when I am done. It could possibly be clean all the time if I would do that!!
Well, hopefully after Boot Camp, I will have (and keep) things more organized!!

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  1. Hi Carrie! You have great space to work with and it's really not that bad! It just needs a little organization help here and there. Anyway, can you email Two Chics at twochicscricut@live.com ... We would like to contact you but don't see an email on your blog.