Friday, January 14, 2011

More pages from Christmas 2010 scrapbook

Well, I got some more pages done. I think I need to take a break from it for awhile because I am feeling like I am just rushing through it to get it done and not doing quality work. But, anyway, here are some more pages. And by the way, the organizing boot camp is not going so well if you are working in the room too!!
This one is of Emma and Parker with those reindeer antler head bands on. I punched out little red circles and put them on their noses.

these two are just random pictures taken that night. I love the one with Emma and Papa. It looks like she is pointing and saying "hey! No pictures!!"

This is Kathys coat rack that she had her dad make for her. She will stain it to match her other furniture. It turned out really nice.

These two pages are people opening gifts. I have more pictures so I am going to need one or two more pages.

This one is just a quick showcase of the Thank You cards my grandkids made me for the buckets of crafting supplies I gave them.
Well, thats all for today. Did anyone see Diane's post on Everyday Cricut today? I love the tic tac toe board. That is what I am making the kids for Valentines day. I have it all designes in design studio, I will start cutting tomorrow. You can check it out here
Diane is so genious with design studio!! I love her work!

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