Tuesday, May 10, 2011

craft room clean up!

After my wild crafting frenzy with all MPS challenges, I needed to do some clean up and organize some things in here! First I started with all my paper scraps. I had them in drawers. With 3 or 4 colors per drawer it was difficult to find the color I needed. So I sorted the all and put them in file folders. All the ones I didn't want I put in a box for my granddaughter.
That freed up some drawers for other stuff.

then I tackled the teo large jars of buttons! I seperated them by color and put them in baby food jars. Then I punched a colored circle and glued it on the lid so I'd know what color they were as I looked into the drawer.

I cleaned out the closet and put everything I am not going to use into an ebay box and the box for my granddaughter. Here is her box
Then I decided I needed to organize my cuttlebug folders. I got a .cut fiole from
she has lots of .cut files. Scroll down on the right side near the bottom.

I didn't ink them like she did but it was 1 am when I finished this so maybe I will do it later.     
And, I have been saving larger cans from the recycling bin and I finally covered them in vinyl and am storing my most used items on the shelf above my desk.

 I think I ned to label them so I don't have to stand up and look IN them to find what I want. Thursday was the last day I worked and tomorrow I have to go to the Dr. in Iowa City (3 hrs away) so that day is shot but I will be able to go to Michaels!! Yay!!Then it is back to work Thursday. I still have more to do. Why does it see like I make a bigger mess to clean this room? I am sure it will be all better when I am done!!
Thanks for looking!!

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