Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Holly Hobby dress-

I did another one!! This was some pictures of dresses my mom made for me when I was
about 7 or 8. I L♥VED this Holly Hobby dress!! I remember it vividly. It seemed like it took FOREVER for her to make. I was so anxious to wear it. That must have been about the time my love for Little House on the Prairie began!
I HATE my handwriting and almost always use the computer for journalling but for this one, I thought it needed a more personal touch.
I think this spool of thread is so cute. I used a real needle because I didn't want to cat a needle in silver paper that small.
and this is the tag for my mom! Sorry it is blurry. It is not in real life. I need a new camera!!!
Tomorrow I am going to do a LO from a picture of my favorite pants at age 8. My mom wouldn't let me wear them to school. They were but ugly but I LOVED em!!


  1. Very pretty layout! I love the sewing accents and you are right about the handwriting. It definitely added to your page :)

  2. Oh my goodness, Holly Hobby was awesome! My sister and I had bedspreads with Holly Hobby on our bunk beds and I watched Little House on the Prairie every chance I got! Great LO~~thanks for the memories :)