Saturday, May 21, 2011

gift for my bride to be friend

OK- some friends of ours are getting married. They have been planning it for awhile and were just going to go to the court house and get married by a judge. They work different hours and are having a hard time putting it together. The groom DJ's on weekend and he has a show Friday night so he is having a judge come there and marry them! She doesn't know anything about it. I kinda feel sorry for her because it will be her wedding and she will probably be wearing jeans and a t shirt!!! No dress, no flowers! Ugh! I would be soooo mad if my husband had done this to me!! Anyway, I made these for them to wear that night so EVERYONE will know they got married!!
I am sure she will love them- don't know about him! But I am going to make him wear it!!

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